Speaking My Language with Vintage Slang

My fella and I collect slang dictionaries as we’re both writers and fascinated by language.

We also like to keep up with what the kidz are saying, so I was thrilled to find Vintage Slang Flashcards by Knock Knock.

Done in large 5 x 7” laminated cards, the 58 terms complete with funny definition and useage and hipster illustrations will surely impress both your friends and neighbours!

I now know my onions, but I’m no prom-trotter. This is so off the cob, y’all, but at the same time just the most! I could chin all day but I’ve got to get my chassis to a restaurant before the chef casts a kitten.

To learn what I just said, you’ll have to get your own deck of cards. It’ll be such fun, I swear! And check out the rest of Knock Knock’s site for fun gifts and home and office accessories that are bound to keep your days lighthearted and the workday a little bit brighter.

You’ll never use a plain post-it again.

Stephanie Dickison

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