Shopping and Storage is So Easy With Reisenthel!

I don't have a car, so anything to make grocery shopping and errands easier can quite honestly change my life!

Because I love to cook and entertain but have limited pantry space and prefer fresh to frozen, I shop every couple of days for food and other necessities.

That means that I'm schlepping a heckuva lots of bags around.

Over the years the bags have changed but the comfort level hasn't. I actually have a small indent in my right shoulder from the straps digging in.

That has all changed now due to the incredible ingenuity of reisenthel bags.

Not only do they look fantastic (People comment on them all the time! It's like walking a Great Dane and having to stop every 15 minutes due to all the admiration), but they hold a lot and yet are incredibly easy to use and easy on my body.

The cityshopper is tres long and sits on my shoulder comfortably despite the bottle of wine, tetra of soy milk and cans and jars of assorted gourmet goodies.

If you're picking up a lot of bottles, may I suggest the chic and oh-so-smart bottlebag, which has 6 divided sections in which to keep your bottles upright and free from clanging. Absolutely brilliant!

And if you're looking for a bag that can hold your groceries along with handling bottles, then the bottleshopper is for you! It is superfantastic and I think one of the best bags that you can use for grocery shopping that will not only hold up to the heft of your shopping need, but look smart and are comfortable to use.

Another great helper is the mini maxi troll – a foldable shopping cart . Not only does it come in fun fabrics, but it is strong and sturdy and won't take up the whole hall closet like the more traditional carts! It holds the mass of fruits and veggies that I buy every couple of days, which most bags and carriers can’t handle. It can get pretty crazy - I’ll get some fennel and then pick some sweet potatoes and 20 minutes later, I’ve got 4 bags of fresh produce that I will then transform to smooth purees, stews and sides. It’s all very exciting, but awfully heavy. My cart is like another pair of hands and you know how helpful that is!

So basically, if you ever require carrying groceries, books or picking up bottles of sparkling water or wine reisenthel has what you need.

But they don't stop there!

Organizing your home can be the most challenging task because new things are always coming in, but rarely do things leave.

Two items I've found most helpful in this category are the magazinboard wall magazine rack and the wandboard closet organizer for all of those pesky little bits that seem to float around the bedroom, but never find a home.

I love reisenthel because they make products that I not only use, but make my life a hell of lot easier.

Hallelujah. And finally I have beautiful looking shoulders again!

Stephanie Dickison

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