The Scout Tee from Bamboo Styles is the Perfect Year-Round Accessory

Bamboo Styles offers comfortable clothing options for men and women, made out of my very favourite new fabric - bamboo!

If you haven’t tried wearing bamboo, you are truly missing out. It is soft and ultra comfortable, stretchy and Bamboo Styles GUARANTEES that their clothes will be “extremely soft, anti-microbial, moisture wicking, thermal regulating and made from bamboo grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.”

And I know that a lot of companies claim to have moisture wicking products, but check out what the company says about their clothes:

“Unlike many wicking shirts that soak up moisture from your skin but hold the sweat in the fiber, our bamboo clothing draws moisture away from your skin and bamboo's micro gaps allow the moisture to evaporate quickly so the sweat dries faster.

Woo hoo!

Their Bamboo Scout Tee is a perfect choice for all year-round and this is the lightest version yet, which is great for this kind of insane hot weather we’re having right now or to have under sweaters and jackets come fall and winter, and not feels all bulgy and bulky, which I often find can be a drawback to layering.

The Tee is 70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton and is not only prewashed/preshrunk and form fitting with cute cap sleeves, but it’s tagless, which I so appreciate – all those years of scratching at the base of my neck, gone!

Bamboo Styles clothing is so comfortable that I am going to stock up on basic tees, tanks and yoga pants for myself and I think I’ll surprise my fella with some tees and polo shirts to keep him looking (and feeling) cool all year long.

I wish my all my clothes were made from bamboo! The softness and comfort is just unbelievable.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and Bamboo Styles will start making office and party attire…

Stephanie Dickison

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