Purse-onally Speaking

Friends think that I like purses because that’s what most girls like.

It's a little deeper than that - I like them because they are an organization-system-on-the-go.

Because I am a writer and restaurant reviewer, I always have a notebook and tons of business cards with me, along with the usual wallet, phone, calendar, keys, makeup, gum, tissues, iPod, sunglasses…

It can get a bit much.

And depending on what purse I’m using, not everything fits neatly into the space and more importantly, can be found easily.

I hate digging through my bag for something, so I decided to take action.

The Joey Junior Purse Mate helps me organize any bag easily thanks to its 6 roomy pockets, including one for business cards!

It also comes with a key clip so you always know where your keys are – a great feature that I’m sure you’ll find comes in handy when you are at the front door, arms loaded with groceries!

It slips into your bag, keeping all of your belongings in place and accessible. And the great thing is, is that if you want to change purses or bags, you just take the Purse Mate out and put it into your other bag! I am finally using bags that I haven’t taken out for years because I can easily transfer all of my stuff without having to dump it out on the bed and then put it all back into another bag.

It comes in a mini or original version and there are fabric and ultra suede options, along with a host of patterns and colours to choose from!

I suggest picking something vibrant like the mountain zebra print or orange, blue or red so that it stands out from your bags, making it even easier to use.

I like the African leopard print for my day purses and the ultra suede for my briefcase. I am even using the pockets to hold my computer accessories, along with my calculator and other office supplies that I sometimes have to carry with me!

The Joey Junior Purse Mate has been a real time-saver and I love having all of my stuff within easy reach, no matter what type of bag I’m carrying.

I wear a lot of hats throughout the day – writer, restaurant critic, music lover, cook, grocery shopper. And I have a bag for each of them.

And finally I can use all of them! Yay!

p.s. That doesn't mean I have to stop buying them, though, does it?

Stephanie Dickison

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