Mixed Chicks Shampoo & Conditioner Restores Thirsty Curls

Finding a shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair is a very personal thing. What may work for one person won't necessarily work for another.

But I found that Mixed Chicks Shampoo, Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner wowed the crowd across the board!

I shared my hair products with my friends and neighbours and what is great about Mixed Chicks is that they have a line called His Mix, which is the same product as the women's but packaged under a different name for the men, so that they don't feel like they're using a "girly" product.


So we shared and shared alike.

I loved the fresh, clean smell that each product had and the light feel that they had on my hair. Nothing heavy or cloying here.

Although this is formulated for curly hair (which some of my hair is), I found it to work with my straight locks too!

My hair was detangled, quenched and smelled lovely and clean, which makes me feel good all day long.

Because I colour my hair, the deep and leave-in conditioners did a great job of quenching my hair and elimating the frizz that would have otherwise accompanied me on these recent hot and humid summer days.

I love my Mixed Chicks and last night when everyone came over for a drink, we didn't talk about our work as much as comment on one another's tresses!

Stephanie Dickison

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