Happy Feet Can Now Be Had Thanks to These Neat Socks!

I know that you might not think much of your socks.

They sit in the drawer, a mere necessity and convenience. But I have found 3 socks that will change all of that. Check them out!

Teko Socks

The company calls them the “best socks on the planet,” and you’ll see why.

Teko Socks are not only made to stand up to wet condition but will protect your blister-prone fee. They have support and padding all over the place to create a lovely home for your feet.

And depending which sock you choose, they have an assortment of bonuses such as:

planet friendly, no herbicides, no pesticides, non-toxic dyes, uses 100% recycled polyester, high performance, super soft, naturally wicking and they offset the impact of our energy use with clean, sustainable American Wind electrical power.

And I got a pair made from corn! Isn’t that neat?

But the real bonus is putting them on. They are uber comfortable and my feet feel swaddled with softness!

So they are good for you and good for the planet.

You can’t beat that.

Toe Sox

I wore toe socks back when I was taking Japanese dance, but there was just one indent, between your big toe and index toe.

Now there is a craze for toe socks. I first heard about them from my sister-in-law Paula, who had asked her husband for a pair for Christmas. She loved them so much that I decided to get a pair.

Toe Sox are not only amazing for walking around the house, but with their non-slip sole are perfect for yoga and pilates classes or stretching at home. There is also an arch support strip and seamless design so that you can workout in ultimate comfort and the toe dividers also allow for “toe flexibility and dexterity.”

These comfortable socks might just start out as part of your workout routine and end up a part of your daily wardrobe!

Happy feet, here you come!

Achieve O2 Socks

If you want socks that perform, then these are the socks for you.

The Ao2 Eco Anklet not only wicks away moisture, but is antimicrobial and antibacterial!

But that’s not the best part – they are made from 100% recycled soda and water bottles and are super comfortable and cushiony - don’t worry, you wash them with your other laundry – no special requirements needed!

They use something called Holofiber, which as you’ll see, does your body good. Basically, Holofiber actually recycles energy that the human body releases.

These socks are really amazing.

I am forgoing regular cotton socks from now on. When you have these cool ones to choose from, why would you use anything else?!

Stephanie Dickison

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