Dog & Pony Show Offers a Card for Every Occasion

Recently, I have needed some cards for occasions in which the Hallmarks of the world cannot offer.

A good friend just moved to New York last week to become a star on Broadway, my best friend’s father passed away and many people are in such a stage of transition – moves, new jobs, breakups, etc. – that I have needed some really great cards to send to these folks that mean so very much.

Thank goodness for Melissa Altman and her dog & pony show, where not only her birthday and thank you cards rock (I love the “Thank You Sweetie Pie” with the birds picking away at the scrumptious cherry (?) pie), but they offer cards that say what you need to say – there’s the “Let’s get together,” one which I need to send out to a bunch of folks (summer events make it hard to stay in touch), the “where do I begin?” one is what I’m sending to my friend about his father and the “I know, I know,” with the cigarette burning over the ashtray is perfect for trying to tell someone something that you’ve been meaning to for a long time (I don’t need this one quite yet…).

There are other perfect captions – the loveable, scruffy dog’s “Hey,” the rhino to the squirrel, “hello, dear friend,” and the “I picked you out of a hundred,” branch that allow you to just say hi to someone who's been in your thoughts. There are also beautifully drawn Thank You and Happy Birthday cards, which you'll need so often throughout the year, that I suggest buying at least 20-30 of each.

Homemade certificates are perfect to show someone you care and these are especially cool – Certificate of Special Recognition; Congratulations. You’ve won my heart! and my personal fave, you Rock! (Let’s just say that there’s going to be a lot of mail going out of the house this week)

As you know, I love homemade cards, and the incredible illustrations (this woman should be doing books and art shows and a line of dishware - mmm!), quality of paper and really unique way of looking at what we say when we send someone a card makes these cards a must for anyone sending out their thoughts the old-fashioned way - through the mail.

Stephanie Dickison

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