A Bag Made out Of Bags

I am committed to not using plastic bags as much as possible, but it’s hard to find a bag that works, that will hold all of your stuff!

How about a bag made out of plastic bags?

I know - CrazY!!

But Ragbags are shoulder bags, backpacks, shopping totes, organizers and wallets all made out of recycled plastic bags, collected by “ragpickers” in the slums of New Delhi.

They are of course washed and dried and then separated by colour. About 60 plastic bags and then pressed together to make one sheet. These sheets arethen cut and lined with cloth and then made into these cool bags and products.

I got the Indian Ocean Shoulder Bag designed by Ellen Sillekens that holds all of my belongings and is a lovely sea of blues and mauves. It is now one of my most prized belongings and just think – it’s not like everyone on Queen Street will have one, which I have to say pleases me to no end - it’s disturbing how many people are walking around with the exact same stuff on.

You’ll be pleased to know that no dyes or inks are used in this process, and that you are providing jobs for these people and their families by supporting Ragbags.

Now that’s a plastic bag that you can feel good about using!

Stephanie Dickison

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