Thanks for the Memories

I have recently become enamoured by fine candles - it's all that restaurant reviewing in fine dining places where candles are a huge part of the dining experience.

And with my interest in picking products that are environmentally friendly, I was intrigued by Beanpod Candles that use real soy to give you a natural scent and a clean burn without petroleum and other harmful ingrendients.

They use 100% stabilized soy wax which allows for a light scent to flow the entire time the wick is lit.

Soy wax is biodegradable, non-toxic and can be cleaned up with simple soap and water.

I liked the natural scent, though if you’re looking for something heartier, I’d suggest something like Raspberry Lemonade or Oatmeal Cookies which smell just like they sound.

And if you just like a slight scent, you can add Soy Beads to your candle. I put Lemon Citrus onto my Raspberry Lemonade and it instantly smelled like summer at the park! It’s amazing what memories scents can evoke – I was riding my bike, going to baseball practice with friends and then playing Monopoly on the porch, all the while wearing terry cloth shorts and a purple silk jacket.


Evoke your own memories with fragrances like Cedar Chest, Daisy, Patchouli, Belgian Waffles and Grandma’s Kitchen.

I love my Beanpod Candle. I think you will too.

Stephanie Dickison

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