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It took me a long time to like hummus.

I love chick peas but I had trouble with when it was made into a spread. When I first had it about 17 years ago, it was so grainy and plain (too much tahini, I know now…).

But thankfully, hummus has come a long way and now it’s a staple in my house. It is high in calcium and is so good on crackers or in a sandwich with broccoli sprouts, roasted red peppers and sliced avocado.

I recently tried Sabra’s line and was thrilled to find that they are not only creamy, but bursting with flavour and no grainy bits to be had – thank goodness!

The containers are larger than any other hummus that I’ve seen and they are come in great flavours like Roasted Pine Nuts, Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic and my favourite – Supremely Spicy Hummus!

Sabra tops their hummus with a little oil and pine nuts, roasted garlic or whatever flavour you’re buying, which makes for not only a little something extra special to dip your pita into, but makes for beautiful presentation when you bring it outto the table.

I’m all about hummus now. I have it for breakfast, lunch and even a late night snack.

If you’re on the fence about hummus or haven’t tried it all, try Sabra.

Just watch – you’ll get hooked too!

Stephanie Dickison

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