Shoes That Are Made to Be Worn - In Any Weather!

A little while ago, I had the honour to meet with Marvin Krasnow (Marvin K.), designer and founder of Aquatalia by Marvin K.

A handsome and fun guy, he walked me through his fall collection of boots and shoes that have “fashion-functionality,” which means that you can look good and wear your shoes and boots out and not worry about the elements ruining them.

Marvin has a good eye and knows how to show off a woman’s leg along with her feet. His collections offer lots of different heels, heights and materials that will stand up in any weather and are made so that you can wear them in complete comfort. A man after my own heart!

His shoes have great names – Jolt, Flex and Quiver to name just a few - and each seasonal collection suits every kind of style-conscious lady.

It was great being able to see the whole collection together because you can really see the artistry and construction that goes into each show.

For Fall, I’m pretty excited about the Halter, Flirt and Quartz boots, which would look great with dark jeans or a jersey dress. The Dakota boot is a flirty, sexy ankle book that I am intrigued by and I love the almond toe and fairly high heel, but it might too hot for the every day…

But I will probably get the Shimmer, as I can’t get enough of the wedge heel, and it gives a nice long, lean look that I favour.

But now that I have met the Aquatalia team along with the founder and learned so much about shoe making and the different cuts and possibilities, I’m thinking that maybe it’s time that I try something new.

Dakota, here I come…

p.s. The shoes, as shown here, are awesome too. You may want to make a list.

Stephanie Dickison

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