Share a Cup of Cocoa

Although it’s over 30 degrees outside, I still long for a cup of good cocoa in the evening.

But try finding one that isn’t meant to be mixed with milk. I thought it was an impossible task until I came across the lovely Best Friends Cocoa Mix.

Not only can you mix it with just hot water – “That’s the true spirit of the cocoa bean coming through” – but it is all natural, 99% fat free, Certified Kosher, made in New England and comes in four gourmet flavours: Cinnamon Twist, Raspberry Truffle, Marshmallow Cloud and Traditional.

It is hearty and delicious and comes in various sizes and packages. And if you’re craving something sweet, this will satisfy you with its rich taste and velvety goodness.

And if you still don’t want a hot drink on a hot day, just mix in yogurt and ice and have yourself a frosted cocoa, like a French Twist – Raspberry Truffle Cocoa mix with French Vanilla yogurt or a Mocha Twist – Cinnamon Twist Cocoa mix with Coffee yogurt.

There are so many possible combinations, but call me old-fashioned - I’m happy with the original mix the way it was intended to be.

There’s just one thing left to do – call a friend and invite them over for a cuppa.

Because cocoa - hot or cold - is best when shared.

Stephanie Dickison

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