I Wish All of My Clothes Were Soybu

I am a big fan of alternative, green clothing but it’s hard to find stuff that looks cool and feels good.

But I have just discovered SOYBU from Colorado Trading & Clothing and wish that ALL OF MY CLOTHES were made out their hybrid fabric that is eco-friendly and is so incredibly soft, you will never want to wear mere cotton, denim or linen again!

Their clothes are not only ultra soft and comfortable, but are anti-microbial, wrinkle resistant, wick away moisture and protect you against ultra-violet.

This is all due to their blend of soy and bamboo fibers! Isn’t that cool?

And if you’re thinking that makes their items expensive, you’re wrong.

Their items are sooooooo affordable that you are going to want to switch your whole wardrobe over. For example, their Women’s Short Sleeve SoyBu Tee is $10 and their SoyBu Cushion Knit Robe is only $40!

I know. It seems too good to be true.

There are chenille and micro fleece items available as well, but it’s the SoyBu that I’m really excited about!

I got the Full Zip Cardigan w/Hood and Drawstring Pant and I did not want to change out of it. My fella had to plead with me to change into something else. It was so comfortable that I considered becoming an investor or importing it to Canada – anything so that I could just live in SoyBu!

They offer a range of colours, styles and sizes and the track suit that I got was XS-XL so you can be sure that it will fit the person you’re buying for.

And they are machine washable and dryable – thank goodness.

So if you see me draped in comfortable material that you just want to run your hands all over, don’t be surprised.

I’m all about the SoyBu now!

(Please note that they do not currently ship outside the US)

Stephanie Dickison

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