Flaunt It!

I love sweet little cards.

I send out a lot of correspondence and am always on the lookout for those cards that will make the addressee smile.

Flaunt Handmade Correspondences, out of British Columbia, are just that.

Their new holiday collection include little fuzzy creatures like comical birds, dogs, reindeer and penguins offering warm thoughts and wishes to your loved ones during the holidays – Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

The creatures are made up of bits of mulberry paper and then coloured fabric paints and sparkly glitters are added.

The same sweet little creatures, along with giraffes, octopus, bears and peacocks can be found in Flaunt’s greeting card line with happy birthday, wedding, anniversary, and new baby and home congrats.

There are over 150 designs so you’ll be able to find one for every occasion!

I am also in love with their thank you cards that are both modern and whimsical. They are some of the nicest ones I’ve come across and I just love that they handmade, yet so contemporary.

I send out a lot of cards every week.

And now thanks to Flaunt, I’m sending out really great, handmade ones.

Stephanie Dickison

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