A Bowl of Hearty Goodness

I looooooove to cook. But even for me, there are days where I just feel like heating something up.

Problem is, most prepared foods these days are filled with preservatives or aren’t all that healthy.

That’s why I’m happy to have gogo rice on hand!

These are the first and the only organic seasoned & cooked rice bowls.

Not only are they organic, vegetarian, gluten free with no cholesterol or preservatives but they are ready in only 90 seconds!

There are many varieties to choose from:

Organic: Brown, White, Rice Medley with Wild Rice

Seasoned/70% Organic Made with Organic Rice: Harvest, Hawaiian, Thai Peanut, Rice Pilaf, Pumpkin Rice and Hearty Mix

I microwaved them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And boy are they hearty! I had planned on having them as sides to veg and meat, but enjoyed them so much on their own that I forgot about preparing anything to go alongside them!

They are filling and quite flavourful. The Pumpkin was my favourite and look at how good the ingredients are - organic brown rice, adzuki beans, pumpkin, evaporated cane juice, organic lentils, carrot, sweet potato, natural flavor, spices, filtered water.

For the purists, I suggest the Harvest which has organic brown rice, lentils, dried mango, kosher salt, spices, and filtered water.

I love to stand at the stove and create memorable meals that take a lot of time and thought, but I also want to be able to quickly heat up something nutritious on those frenetic days.

There’s not always time to make everything from scratch, but there’s always time to choose your convenience food wisely.

Stephanie Dickison

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