The Best Little Notebooks Around

For as long as I can remember, I have been carrying around some kind of notebook.

They have changed over the years: spiral bound, hardcover, long reporter style, small purse size, large lined journals. It has been the quest for the “perfect” notebook, the one that will fit in all of my bags, will hold all of the information that I constantly come across, will help organize my thoughts, etc.

And I thought that I would have to keep looking, but I have found the best little notebooks around.

start here was created by Esther Mun and Tina Asquith, 2 designers that decided to establish their own design firm and create their first product line – notebooks that you can link together!

Where have they been all of my life?

You can customize them with their self-adhesive pockets and tabs, and then go wild with cutouts from magazines, patterns, photos and whatever else that inspires your creativity.

You can get blank pages, lined or the 3-level notebook that includes blank, grid and lines pages. You can also get a 14 month planner to add to your notebook collection, which I think is absolutely brilliant.

Finally! Everything can be found and accessed in one place!

Talk about being organized!

I got the pink and green lined notebooks. The covers are stain resistant, WATERPROOF!, tear-resistant with 100% recyclable Yupo synthetic paper and soy based ink.

The girls say that “the modular design allows you to choose the components you need and link them to create a unique book that reflects your own individuality, needs and goals.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Personalizing your notebooks is as important as what you write within the pages.

And finally I have a place in which to write down thoughts for my forthcoming book, lists of things that I want to do, pick up or drop off and notes that I make while reviewing a restaurant.

There are a lot more things that will go into my books. There will be sketches and big plans and probably even random email addresses and things that I can’t tell you about here.

They will house e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Now I am just praying that these girls come up with a line of luggage…

Stephanie Dickison

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