You Should Moo Too!

My brother-in-law, although he works at a high-tech firm, is a burgeoning photographer.

He told me that he had created these glossy, full-colour little business cards on line. He said how easy it was and that you could either upload your own images or pick from their selection. Then you just put whatever contact information you want on the back and they are shipped, from the UK no less, is about 10 business days, all for under $30.

Needless to say, I was a tad skeptical. After all, he told me this when we saw him and the family at Christmas and I didn't look into it until April.

However, Jordan is a smart fellow, so I figured he must be onto something. I checked out the site he forwarded to me - Moo Print - and it was just as he said.

I created 100 little cards in about 10 minutes, choosing images from their library. You can choose as many as you like and then Moo gives you a whack of each. So I got 7 designs so I got about 14 cards with each photo. I choose food ones, landscapes, people and abstract designs. It was a lot of fun and I like that you get to choose the colour for your text that will appear on the back.

My sweet little box of cards did indeed arrive in about 10 days and I have been passing them out like candy ever since.

So listen to your relatives every once in awhile. They may pass on some of the best advice your way.

Of course, this is only if they don't insist on you taking home that recipe for jellied salad with green peppers and marshmallows, pushing it into your palm before heading onto the highway to go home, or asking you when you're going to have kids every 5 minutes...

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have family like this. Just wait until the next reunion and the business cards come out...

I can't wait.

Stephanie Dickison

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