Shoes That Look Good, Feel Good and Make a Difference

My TOMS shoes arrive with both a warning and a guarantee of sorts.

Labels on both shoes call out:

“TOMS STRETCH. Within 4 hours of wear, they will stretch as much or as little as needed, molding to your feet.”

And it’s a good thing too. Because they are so tight to get on that I wonder if I should have got a bigger size. But after a little pulling and prodding, I get them on. And after a lifetime of wearing shoes that are too small, I feel that constriction begin, but amazingly is a comfortable tight fit. I’ve got to say that’s a first.

And just like the label stated, after 4 hours of wear, they felt like a pair of slippers. A handsome canvas espadrille with rubber soles, you may not want to take them off.

On the bottom of the shoes you will find a stapled note:

“Your purchase today guarantees a child shoes for Tomorrow. Tom’s matches each purchase with shoes for a child in need.”

So you get to help someone in need, feel good and wear cute and comfortable shoes. That is just about the best feeling in the world.

Created by Blake Mycoskie, the story of how Tom’s Shoes came to be is quite something. Here’s a little tidbit.

“In January 2006, Blake traveled to Argentina to play polo, relax and volunteer. Everywhere he went he noticed people wearing a similar shoe. After learning farmers had worn them for hundreds of years; Blake bought a pair for himself. He found them to be extremely comfortable. While looking for volunteer work near Buenos Aires, he came across a woman who had recently organized a shoe drive. She told him, “There is a significant health issue in a lot of the third world countries among women and children who traditionally have to walk miles to get water every day. They get cuts on their feet, which get infected. So, shoes are at the top of the list when organizations ask for donations.” Ever the entrepreneur, Blake put two and two together and decided to adapt the alpargatas for the U.S. market, while providing shoes for people in need. In Blake’s word’s, “I created TOMS with a singular mission: To make life more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through its unique shoe and my commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a child in need…no complicated formulas, it’s simple…you buy a pair of TOMS and I give a pair to a child on your behalf.”

To learn more, please visit the website and buy a pair of shoes while you’re there.

They have kids, mens and women’s so you can buy shoes for the whole family. I’m thinking this might be what I buy for birthday and Christmas presents too.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy more for yourself.

I’m getting the camo ones next…

Stephanie Dickison

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