Look Fanfreakingtastic with the Help of Benefit

I have loved the ideas and packaging of Benefit since they first came on the scene many years ago, and they have continued to create exciting products that make you “Love Your Look.”

In case you’re not familiar with how cute their stuff is, there are 3 gals that appear on their packaging in order to help you pick colours that are for the no-makeup look (look for Lana), the “wearable WOWs” (you’ll want the Gabbi line) and the more dramatic palette (Betty is your girl here).

They have made it so simple for you and I.

And each box contains a little quote like this one – “Want to look slimmer? Walk sideways?” – Lana.

Always looking for a way to keep my skin looking young, I was really excited about Benefit’s firmology, a toning and smoothing serum for “face & neck-colleté.

It’s incredibly light to apply and contains a “light-reflecting pigment,” that creates a beautiful Hollywood glow – and this is without a stitch of makeup on!

After applying a dime-size amount, I was shocked to see my face practically transform before my eyes. My frown lines had disappeared and my skin looked firm and plump. At Benefit, they say “this serum is so sexy you’ll be tempted to call it ‘complexion lingerie,’” and they’re right. It’s going with me wherever I go.

I have the smallest little fold for eyelids, so eyeshadow is not something that often looks great on me.

That is, until I applied Benefit’s creaseless cream shadow/liner. First of all, it keeps its promise by not creasing, and who better to know that I, one of tiny eyelids? All day there was not a crease to be seen, nor a smudge. And the colours with the best names ever (skinny jeans for a shimmery mushroom hue and stiletto for a lovely plum colour) were beautiful against my eyes that are sometimes blue, green and often hazel. And if you’re like me, you’ll want to use the talent brush, which allows you the line, shadow and contour with the cream shadow.

They’re whole line is just incredible. I am wearing hush sheer cream blusher and sugar rush lipstick. The names make me swoon, as does the makeup.

I am in 7th heaven.

I am feeling the Benefits, big time!

Stephanie Dickison

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