Just Do It ! Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

At this time of year, with taxes looming and gutters to be cleaned, your to do list is probably at maximum capacity (outside of the holiday season). And although many time-management experts propose that the "To Do" list is the death of anyone trying to become more efficient, you're still going to have these things that have to be done, whether you call it a "To Do," "Master," or "Task" list.

So that's why I love the Memogenda. It is designed to keep all of your to-dos together.

I recently spoke with a friend who found this concept too daunting. All of his years of uncompleted tasks staring him in the face every day were just too depressing. And I can see how that can happen, but for me, I am of the school that says write absolutely everything down - whether it's call to make a doctor's appointment or book a trip a Paris. I find life way too busy to try and keep it all in my head. I find that writing it all down gives me peace and allows my mind to concentrate on the tasks at hand. It is not cluttered with reminders to go to the post office, call Darren to find out when that art event is happening or a deadline that keeps changing.

Looking at this list and checking thing off one at a time makes me feel on top of my to-dos, not overwhelmed by them. And by keeping them all in one place that is dedicated for just this purpose, it is one of the best gifts I could give myself - time.

Stephanie Dickison

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