Aromatherapy that Follows You From Room to Room

There are many things that seem to arrive all of a sudden and then you see them everywhere.

Reed diffusers are something that you might not have heard of a year ago, but now they are all the rage. And if you are one of the few people who haven’t bought one yet, this just might change your mind.

Basically, they are wooden sticks that you place in a jar with essential fragrance oil and it diffuses the aroma throughout your home with a subtle scent that is not overpowering like some scented candles can be. They are also much more environmentally safe that spray air fresheners.

That’s why you might want to choose Xela Aromasticks.

A beautifully packaged product, these will add an elegant touch and fragrance to any room.

They are wonderful as gifts or to keep for yourself.

I particularly like how the scents are quite light and fresh, never overpowering the room, but giving off the feeling that there might be fresh flowers tucked away somewhere.

Xela uses bamboo for their sticks which allows the “essential oils to be absorbed and drawn up through the reeds” and then releases into the room’s air. You should flip the sticks once a week to keep the scent at its peak.

Here’s yet another thing I love about Xela. The fragrance lasts four to six months. Imagine all the money you’ll save on scented candles! And no flame, no smoke, no blowing it out before heading out the door!

In other words, take it out of the box, put the sticks in and allow yourself to be enveloped in delicate scents that will make your house smell like spring all year ‘round.

There are many scents Рeven ones made especially for nurseries! I love the Uplifting (with honeysuckle, rose and violet!), Enriching (cr̬me brulee!) and Energizing (pink grapefruit).

At the website while browsing their products, you can take a scent personality test or simply shop by mood.

I'm to seek out calm and and relaxing aromas.

They have thought of everything.


Stephanie Dickison

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