Carried Away

Remember when laptop bags were those black canvas-y things that had your company's logo embroidered on it? Ugh. Thank goodness that part of our lives is over.

However, despite having more options to lug your computer around town with you, they are not always:

1. practical, and
2. pretty

Well, my man Peter at Laywine's has always chosen his products well. I bought my first Filofax from him in 1989 and he continues to carry the very best - and the prettiest.

The Acme bag is just one example of the many fine items he has in his store (you'll know it by the big, beautiful rolltop desk in the window). He carries a lot of diaries, organizers, paper products (mmm...) and pens, so if this beautiful laptop bag isn't your thing, go and check out the rest of the store. And if this bag isn't your thing, he has a whole bunch of others. Go crazy.

Because frankly, I didn't want to say anything, but that bag you're using just isn't doing it for me anymore.

Stephanie Dickison

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