Read the Writing On The Wall

The ways in which you can distinguish your home from others are myriad:

You can mix and match your IKEA furniture with vintage pieces. No wait, that's already been done.

Okay, so our abodes are starting to look exactly alike thanks to the homogenization of styles that have been picked up by The Pottery Barn, Pier 1 and Ethan Allen. But I am here to show you a great way to personalize your space quickly and inexpensively.

Blik Wall Graphics are now available in Canada, thanks to Home Depot (I know - who knew?) and come in a variety of styles You just apply them to your wall (or headboard or wherever) and all of a sudden you have a whole new look that you can change whenever the mood strikes.

The look is very contemporary and you can choose from graphic shapes, animals (I love the giraffes) and even Keith Haring figures.

What a great way to add oomph to your space.

I'm thinking a few strategically placed robots might liven up the place.

Stephanie Dickison

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