Pining for Smythe

I had something else planned for today’s “it” item, but these jackets came across my desk last night (via email – oh, how I wish it was the actual jackets!) and I haven’t been able to think about anything else since.

There are certain items in your wardrobe that call out to you time and time again, because they fit so well, feel so good and look so perfect, it evokes the feeling of finding a chocolate on your pillow the entire time your wearing it.

Seasons come and go, but classic pieces remain in our closets. Whether you have the ultimate bag, dress or hat, it is something that you can count on each season.

I now have something new for you to pine for and then give into. Why? Because it is a stand-up piece that will leave that of-the-moment sequined t-shirt behind and your balloon cuff dress in the dust. And no, I’m not kidding.

I just can’t decide which one I want more – the mini coat or utility jacket in black? The shawl collar one button jacket in taupe? Or maybe this year I'll make it all about the shawl collar kimono. Only question is, which colour?

One other thing – these gals are Canadian, and they are rocking the joint with their wares.

See them all here.

Stephanie Dickison

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