i enough already

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of iPods and their accessories. They have taken over the world. So, it is with great trepidation when I meet a new plug-in or cover for these little white sticks. I mean, how many cover choices does one need exactly?

However, being a slave to the beat myself, I understand their sexy allure. And the design of these skins so impressed me that I just can’t keep it to myself.

Whatever size you own, Gelaskins has a cover that is going to rock the joint! The covers are brimming with lush illustrations and prints. I especially like Crazy for Dance by Yumiko Kayukawa, Panic by Aaron Kraten, Lollipop by Dodeskaden and the Tokyo subway system map.

They are inexpensive enough (about $15 each) that you get a fistful and change them depending on your mood or season.

Funnily enough, now I don’t mind iPods so much. Why? ‘Cause mine’s so pretty now.

Stephanie Dickison

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